Famous Fifty Exhibition

2015 – 2020

Famous Fifty Exhibition

The famous 50 exhibition involved 50 local organisations including schools, colleges, businesses, art groups, council departments, nurseries, guides, scouts, and individuals

that each created a soldier for the famous 50 exhibition.


Each received an MDF soldier cutout , life size, and the section of the book about them. Details were also provided from the census along with any army records. 


In all over 250 people were involved in creating the exhibition. Starting in Coalville market on Nov 11 2017, it has since been in coops and church's, shops and community centres, galleries and museums, theatres and festivals, pubs and public spaces since then. Over 15,000 people have seen it whilst it has been 'on tour'.


In 2020, following a trip to Belgium and France the exhibition will return to Coalville and be on display for the last time, with all 50 together at a public event and each soldier then given back to the people that made them, finally ending the exhibition , 3 years after it was created.


Deana Wildgoose, Director of the Hero Project and organiser of the exhibition would like to thank everyone that made, hosted, shared, researched and displayed the soldiers over the last three years. 'It's been an honour and privilege to be involved in such an incredible story. I have personally learnt so much and met so many amazing people. The Famous 50 and their MDF cut outs will be missed when they disband in 2020, and I'm proud to have been part of sharing their story with others and bringing them back to life' 

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